6 Small Bedroom Design Tips

If you have a small bedroom it can be difficult to know how to furnish it. Whether you're creating a master bedroom, a kid's room, or a guest bedroom creating a relaxing and inviting space can be possible when done with the right items.

Decorate small bedrooms with key decor pieces to make it look better. What you need is a good small bedroom design plan and all the inspiration you can get from this post. Here is our go to tips for small bedroom design:

6 Small Bedroom Design Tips 

Small Bedroom Decor

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No. 1 Small Furniture Pieces

Small Bedroom Chair

When you have a small bedroom and don't want it to look cluttered with big furniture consider small key furniture to create a warm and inviting space that looks bigger than what it is. Some key pieces to consider is a small bedroom couch for extra seating, small simple tables over big nightstands, a small bedroom chair or having just one dresser than a matching set that will take up space.

Small Bedroom Furniture Must Haves

  small bedroom couch                      small bedroom chair                      Small Round Nightstand

Small Bedroom Couch        Small Bedroom Chair        Small Round Nightstand         

No. 2 Creative Lighting

Small Bedroom Lighting

Lighting is extremely important when designing a bedroom, you want to create a mood and have different layers of lighting to help illuminate each mood you want in your bedroom. In a small bedroom instead of having floor lamps or big lamps on your nightstands, try adding sconces over your bed and nightstand, or add string lights or smaller lamps, and don't forget to make a statement with a chandelier.

Lighting Must Haves

     Farmhouse Wall Sconce                        Modern Bedroom Crystal Chandelier                     LED Light Strips

Farmhouse Wall Sconce     Modern Crystal Chandelier          LED Light Strips

No. 3 Mirrors

Small Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors are small bedroom design must haves because they can give the illusion of a larger room. A mirror behind your bed, above it or even on one side will easily double the space that you have in your small bedroom.

Must Have Mirrors

  Removable Mirror Stickers                   Full Length Hanging Mirror                      Round Black Wall Mirror

  Mirror Stickers            Full Length Hanging Mirror      Round Black Wall Mirror

No. 4 Wall Art & Accents

Small Bedroom Wall Art

Accent walls are small bedroom design must haves because they make a small room feel more spacious. You can paint an accent wall or even add wallpaper to one of the walls, but keep in mind that you will need furniture pieces with clean lines and colors that match your small space.

Wall Art & Accents Must Haves

Green Leaf Wall Art      Moon Phase Wall Art     Ivy Garland Wall Hanging

  Green Leaf Wall Art            Moon Phase Wall Art        Ivy Garland Wall Hanging

No. 5 Storage Space

Small Bedroom Storage

Storage space is small bedroom design must have because it can make or break a small room. You will need to find ways on how you can maximize the storage space in your small bedroom, from installing built-in closets and shelves to keep everything organized and hidden, but also simple things like adding baskets under your bed to store any small items that otherwise would be on your small nightstands and dressers.

Storage Must Haves

Underbed Storage Bags    Wardrobe Storage Cabinet             Storage Bench Ottoman

Under Bed Storage Bags   Wardrobe Storage Cabinet  Storage Bench Ottoman

No. 6 Focus On The Essentials

Small Bedroom Basics

In reality, you probably don't need as much in your room as you think you do. A bed, a dresser and a table are the only necessary items you need in a bedroom. Focus on these key pieces before adding anything else so your small bedroom won't be so overcrowded making look even smaller than it already is.

Bedroom Furniture Basics

Small Bedroom Bed                    small bed                    Bed with Drawers

Caima Queen Platform Bed     Mia Full Fabric Bed    Platform Bed with Drawers


By following our small bedroom design tips , you can easily transform your small room into a comfortable and cozy retreat in no time.

Now that we have covered all of these small bedroom design tips, it is up to you to implement them into your own home so they will work for you! You may not know where or how to start when it comes to small bedroom design tips, but hopefully you have a better idea of what your small room needs in order for it to look bigger.