Lumi Agate Best Accent Side & End Table for Living Rooms | Black

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The LUMI Agate Accent Table is a perfect embodiment of natural beauty and timeless sophistication. This unique side table, an exquisite blend of wood, metal, and black agate, makes an ideal addition to your home décor as one of the most striking end tables for the living room. Its luxurious design is sure to turn heads, adding a touch of elegance to your living space. When you invest in this magnificent accent table, you're not just buying furniture but acquiring a timeless piece of art. Among other side tables for living rooms, this stands out with its blend of natural materials, making it a conversation starter whenever you have company. Whether you're creating a stunning focal point or a cozy corner to unwind, the LUMI Agate Accent Table will instantly enhance the style and visual intrigue of your living space.

  • Instantly updates any living room with natural beauty.
  • Features a contemporary design, perfect for modern interiors.
  • Luxurious combination of wood, metal, and chic black agate.
  • Stunning artistic tabletop serves as an investment in great design.
  • Multi-color Black Agate top adds a unique touch.
  • Can support up to 25 lbs. of weight.
  • Expertly crafted in India, known for intricate furniture designs.
  • Exclusively designed for residential use.
  • No assembly required, offering a hassle-free setup.

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