10 Best Chandeliers For 2021

When chandeliers first became popular, they were only used in large halls and ballrooms. Now chandeliers are a popular choice for any room of the house, from living rooms to bedrooms. The chandelier is a fixture that has been around for centuries. They are used to provide light in many types of spaces and can be found in homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, and more.

Recently chandeliers have seen a modern resurgence as they became popular again as an industrial look statement piece among home decorators. In this blog post we will discuss 10 chandeliers that work well in any room type!

How To Pick A Chandelier For Your Room

Before you decide which chandelier is right for your home, think about the style of your current space and what kind of lighting you need.

If you want to add a modern, glam, rustic, contemporary, modern, boho, or industrial feel to your décor or if you have high ceilings that need brightening up with chandeliers then these ten best chandeliers will be perfect!

While the most popular place to add a chandelier in your home is in the dining room , chandeliers can work well in any room of your home including the bathroom, bedroom, foyer, or living room to make a statement.

10 Best Chandeliers For Any Room

1. Gamma Pendant Light 

Gamma Pendant Light Chandelier

Our Gamma Pendant Light is as dazzling and complex as the Gamma Cassiopeia constellation itself. Twelve lightbulbs encased in delicate glass orbs extend from sleek, sturdy iron rods. Works as both a light fixture and an art installation. Perfect accent lighting for the contemporary modern home or industrial style. 

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2. Kepler Pendant Light Chandelier 

Kepler Pendant Light Chandelier

Like a burst of light, the Kepler Pendant light will add a dramatic focal point to your home. This chandelier will go with a contemporary modern or mid-century modern style. 

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3. Kensington Pendant Light Chandelier 

Kensington Pendant Chandelier

A posh pendant light with ample light for any task at hand with an antique brass finish. This light will go with a glam style room or a contemporary style. 

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4. Renata Pendant Light Chandelier 

Renata Pendant Light Chandelier

Industrial and farmhouse modern this lamp will make a statement in any home. The small profile of the shade make it a fantastic accent light on its own, or add a dramatic flair with a group of 2 or more. Use style of Edison bulbs to complete the industrial look. Classic brass and black for a timeless look. 

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5. Sirius Pendant Light Chandelier 

Sirius Pendant Light Chandelier

Dazzling like a star, this metal pendant has an open design that will illuminate your space with a warm glow. It is ideally suited for use with a Edison-style bulbs. Black finish with a matching canopy and complimenting brass-finished chain for hanging. Add a dramatic focal point when lighting a room with this designer pendant that works for any contemporary style. 

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6. Swan Pendant Light Chandelier 

Swan Pendant Light Chandelier

The Swan is a masterpiece of a pendant light. With a faceted black-glass shade, this light will add a romantic glow to any room. Ideal in a dining room, entry way, or be daring and put it in the bedroom. 

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7. Pasquale Pendant Light Chandelier 

Pasquale Pendant Light Chandelier

The Pasquale is a unique pendant light, complete with old world charm. With 8 bulbs, it makes a dramatic focal point in a dining room or entrance way. Large and rustic, this piece is made of solid wood and iron.

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8. Draco Pendant Light 

Draco Pendant Light Chandelier

Light up the night with this magnificent, large pendant light. With 15 round, glass globes, it will dazzle and illuminate your contemporary space. The large size makes it perfect for above a dining table or as a center piece to a living room.

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9. Brandt Pendant Light 

Brandt Pendant Light Chandelier

Complete your industrial look with this metal and glass pendant. This light would look great in any dining room, office, entry way or bathroom. 

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10. Whistler Pendant Light Chandelier 

Whistler Pendant Light Chandelier

A sleek minimalist modern design lends itself well to the Whistler Pendant Light. Radiant globed lights appear to float inside a rectangular iron frame that hang well over any kitchen island. Lower the pendant over a side table in your den or living room for a seamless transition throughout your home.

What chandelier is your favorite?