7 Most Popular Home Decor Trends You Need To Try

There are many different home decor trends out there to choose from. You can go with a traditional style, or you could try something more modern and contemporary. Whatever your preference may be, this blog post will highlight the 7 most popular styles that people have been choosing for their homes!

1. Traditional Home Decor

Traditional Home Decor

By far the most popular home decor is traditional. Traditional homes are often found on the east coast of America and were built from 1730 to about 1900. They can be made out of brick, wood, or stone (or a combination). The style is seen as being homey with lots of natural light coming in through windows. Traditional styled homes have wood furniture, crown moldings and has framed art work and china vases to finish the look.

Traditional furniture has calm colors of blue, gray, and green with classic lines and symmetry. A traditional home is never cluttered, and is all about comfort and coziness.

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2. Contemporary Home Decor

Contemporary Home Decor

People imagine contemporary decor has being sleek with clean lines and a mix of cool textures. Contemporary home decor is not as simple and cozy as a traditional styled home.

Contemporary furniture are usually made of metal or wooden legs with clean lines, often in shades that are black, white, grey or silver. Contemporary homes have contemporary art work such as abstract paintings to add visual interest. Contemporary accessories include any elements of stone, glass or metal and you can always add texture with large plants.

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3. Coastal Home Decor

Coastal Home Decor

The coastal home decor style is inspired by the colors of ocean waters and seashells. Coastal homes are often light, airy with natural colors such as white or cream walls, blue couches/chairs in a porch setting and brightly colored dishes that add gaiety. Coastal themed accessories include shells on shelves or coffee table tops to mimic the beach experience. Driftwood is also a popular furniture element in coastal homes along with palms.

The main design focus of a coastal home is to blend the inside of your home to the outside.

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4. Industrial Home Decor

Industrial Home Decor

The industrial home decor style is simple and practical. Industrial homes are often dark with bold textures that mimic the look of machinery such as wood, concrete or metal. The key features in an industrial styled room are typically limited to a few large items like oversized chairs, tables, chandeliers etc., which can be either functional or decorative.

You can get really creative with industrial decor accessories adding Edison lightbulbs to a light fixture or filling a basket with industrial style copper pots.

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5. Modern Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor

Modern Farmhouse Home Decor

Farmhouse style homes are typically full of color and cozy touches. They can be found in many different styles but usually have a rustic feel with plenty of wood, flowers and vintage pieces. Farmhouses often use natural colors like green plants to add lightness to the space which is then topped off by warm tones such white shiplap walls.

Farmhouse decor is the perfect place to repurpose old pieces and turn them into new shabby chic pieces such as reclaimed wood, salvaged pieces like old tin sign. Sliding barn doors and wide-plank wood floors are great additions to a farmhouse look.

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6. Mid-Century Modern Home Decor

Mid-Century Modern Home Decor

Mid-Century Modern is a style that grew out of the post-war era and is characterized by bold geometric shapes, open floor plans with minimal design. Furniture pieces focus more on clean lines, tapered legs, and sleek functional design.

The colors for mid-century modern can include brown, gold, green, orange, red-- pretty much any retro color you can think of.

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7. Boho Home Decor Style

Boho Home Decor

Boho Home Decor Style is all about a home being filled with lots of colors, eclectic items from around the world and even geometrical prints! It's typically characterized by natural materials like bamboo or leather. Pieces may also include tribal features such as kilim rugs on the floor, ethnic art pieces throughout your walls, or rattan chairs.

The biggest design element in a boho styled room is to be incredibly relaxed and carefree so any decor pieces work in this design style.

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What is your favorite home decor trend?

While these design trends have been the most popular for decades some are new up and coming styles that have only been popular in the last decade like mid-century modern, Industrial and modern farmhouse. While you can't go wrong picking any of these styles don't be afraid to mix some trends together. Tell us what your favorite home decor trends are.